Poll Dorset Breeds Success
Jemima Jones shares a passion for livestock with her parents Martyn and Jane and she is now heavily involved with the day to day running of Corntown Estates, Bridgend in South Wales. [read article]

Dorset Ewes Fit Our System
Dorset ewes which lamb out of season fit in well on a Northumberland farm which runs a herd of traditional beef cattle and also capitalises on the tourist trade with a small camp site. [read article]

Blue Grey Cattle on Hadrians Wall
With no winter housing and the many constraints with farming on a World Heritage Site - Hadrian's Wall - the Pattinsons continue the family tradition in the cattle they breed. [read article]

Back to the Future
Stratification of the beef industry and the potential role of the Whitebred Shorthorn comes under the spotlight at an on-farm open day in South West Scotland on Wednesday 27 August 2014. [read article]

Improving Cow Comfort Reaps Benefits
Improving cow comfort and health, as well as feeding management, has been pivotal in increasing profitability and yields at Mason House Farm, Bashall Eaves, near Clitheroe. [read article]

Health Planning Increases Productivity
Herd productivity has been improved over recent years by as much as 15% since farm health planning was introduced almost 20 years ago at Greystoke Castle Farms, near Penrith. [read article]

Dairy Monitor Farm Results
Four years on from embarking on an expansion plan to double dairy cow numbers at Hesket Farm, Dacre, on the edge of the Lake District, Matt and Sue Bland have achieved most of their objectives while at the same time have maintained milk yields. [read article]

Automatic Electronic Tagging System is the Way Forward
Ease of management for marketing and breeding purposes have led two neighbouring Northumberland sheep producers to use the same automatic electronic tagging system. [read article]

Galloway Cattle Save on Inputs and Labour
Pedigree Galloway cattle are saving on inputs and labour as well as paying their way in sales of breeding stock for relative newcomers to the breed, the McCornick family. [read article]

Disease Control Uppermost
Colin Forsyth made some radical changes to the sheep enterprise when he took on the family farm near Thornhill near Dumfries 11 years ago. [read article]

Good Management is Key to Profit at Knockenjig
Until March 2009 David and Rosemary Dickie were milking up to 170 pedigree Ayrshires at Knockenjig, but since selling the dairy herd they have focused attention on their commercial sheep. [read article]

Barlows Reap Rewards from their Farming and Agribusiness
Hard work, commitment and enthusiasm have paid off for Lancashire farming and agribusiness family, the Barlows. [read article]

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